This Simple Assignment Will Change Your Life!


The number one thing that has helped me make strong decisions and tune out negativity is consuming at least two hours of positive propaganda daily. If you don’t monitor the amount of positive propaganda that you are taking in to outweigh the amount of negative news, then you’re going to struggle with your money mindset and operate from fear. 

I share really simple ways to listen and read things that reinforce the way you want to see the world. I’m challenging everyone else to do the same, so DM me @chriswharder and let me know how you’re going to get in your two hours of positive propaganda. 



( 1:10 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris is talking about positive propaganda. 

( 2:24 ) Chris explains the reason he uses the term positive propaganda. 

( 4:26 ) Chris lists the various ways to consume positive propaganda. 

( 4:54 ) Chris talks about the results he’s seen from listening to podcasts while working out. 

( 7:21 ) Chris challenges listeners, “I want you to commit and track that you are getting two hours or more of positive propaganda.”

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Positive propaganda
is one of the
easiest ways to
change your life.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The reason why I use the term ‘positive propaganda’ 
  • Examples of positive and negative propaganda, particularly through the lens of the economy
  • How someone who’s really busy can get in at least two hours of positive propaganda daily
  • Why I started listening to energizing and inspiring podcasts when I work out 

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