My Journey

Stepping into success

Here’s the truth:
I didn’t step into this life of abundance overnight. If you pull back the curtain you will reveal the years of hardship, learning (and unlearning) that brought me to where I am today.

After making a name for myself as one of the fastest-rising young executives in the banking industry, I nearly lost it all when the 2008 recession hit. I lost my job, my home, everything I had earned. That could have been the downfall that ruined me, but instead I used it as an opportunity to make sure that it never happened to me again.

My Journey

I began to study the habits and stories of successful entrepreneurs and millionaires, getting to know some of them personally. Through the ‘trial-and-error’ application of their lessons, I was able to eventually re-write my financial story from one of near-failure, to one of abundance. Today, I have ownership in several multi-million dollar businesses with my wife, and with our resources we are finally able to share that success with the world. Most importantly, we are able to give back at a level that makes a meaningful difference.

Money has a strange reputation. For many, it inspires feelings of resentment and fear. But if there’s anything I’ve learned in over a decade of studying and coaching my own clients, it’s that money isn’t evil. In fact, money is the most valuable tool for creating the positive change that you want to see in this world.

I’ve always believed that when good people make
good money, they do great things.

That’s why I’ve committed myself to teaching ambitious people just like myself the strategies
needed to discover their own limitless financial potential, so that they can finally create meaningful wealth to share with the people and causes that matter most to them.


What I like to speak about:

Four steps that anyone can take in order to reinvent their financial situation
Why “giving” is the secret to “getting” everything that you desire
The “New Rules of Money” and why you should forget what your parents taught you about finances
How to properly build multiple income streams andbecome recession-proof
I once read 30 books in 30 day


I once read 30 books in 30 days
and it changed my life in more ways than expected.
it changed my life in more ways than expected.
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