The Roadmap to Your Financial Freedom with Mel Abraham


Mel Abraham, an expert in business and finance, joins me today to share his wisdom on achieving a solid and abundant retirement, securing financial freedom, and making deliberate choices with your money. With all of the social media misinformation and the need for actual business experience from the people teaching business, Mel is the real deal.

When building wealth, effective planning, strong financial muscles, and a conscious path are essential. In our conversation, Mel reassures you that you can transform your trajectory regardless of your situation, age, or background. He shares his tools for navigating your wealth priority ladder, building a comfort fund, and combating financial flatlines. Your future is truly at stake, and this episode is your roadmap to success.


Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

(1:01) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris is joined by Mel Abraham. 

(7:35) Chris asks Mel, “Can you share the reason why we’re focusing on entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.” 

(9:45) Mel discusses his health issues and why he didn’t need to change his monetary lifestyle because of it. 

(13:50) Chris asks Mel, “Can you speak to the person who’s going to cut themselves out?” 

(14:58) Chris asks Mel, “What do you mean by money symptoms?” 

(17:38) Chris asks Mel, “Can you walk us through the wealth priority ladder?” 

(23:51) Chris asks Mel, “Explain a little bit more of that plateau under the wealth flatline.” 

(28:44) Chris asks Mel, “What do you say to that person who thinks it’s too late?” 

(31:37) Chris asks Mel, “Can you share some examples of money decision stories?” 

(37:08) Mel breaks down the allure of tax write-offs. 

(43:34) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review.

Every money decision we make today should be in service of the lifestyle and the financial future we want tomorrow.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Identifying your money symptoms rather than money problems
  • The difference between debt management and wealth creation
  • Embracing early investments to get ahead of the timeline
  • The first step to building your comfort fund
  • Why it’s never too late or too early to take control of your finances 
  • Common misconceptions about tax write-offs

Resources Mentioned: