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Last night, Lori and I celebrated the birthday of our friend at a black tie, old Hollywood-style gala that he threw. It was amazing! It was the perfect excuse to get dressed to the nines, go out dancing all night long, and to be around our friends and incredible human beings. 

While we were there — surrounded by people wanting to have the same conversations as us and feeling immense amounts of gratitude for that — we were reminded of the sad reality that takes place when you’re in a crowded room of people who aren’t on the same page. Usually, it results in shrinking yourself and your values.

On the flip side, one night of high-end conversations can actually change your life, and that is why you will sink down or rise up depending on if you’re outnumbered by positive or negative people.



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(1:13) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of The Chris Harder Show. Today Chris and Lori are talking about an incredible gala they recently attended, and what it opened their eyes to.

(1:43) Chris says, “That that might have been the most beautiful you ever looked in your entire life last night”.

(2:36) Lori talks about how they made the whole night an experience they were grateful for.

(7:10) Lori discusses the ways in which we tend to shrink ourselves in the wrong company, and shine in the right company.

(10:13) Chris advises listeners on how to take notice of your trends – both negative and positive.

(12:50) Lori gives an example of how you respond to the reactions of those around you to better yourself or sink to their level.

(16:23) Lori tells listeners how to know if people are meant to be in your life.

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(20:19) Lori shares her tip to relieve the pressure of being “the most interesting person in the room”

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When you seek out
the best, that is one of
the great shortcuts
both in business and
in life.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Stopping to appreciate how hard you have worked
  • Why stretching to work with the best is always better than taking shortcuts
  • The difference it makes to surround yourself with like-minded people

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