Is Public Relations A Worthwhile Investment? with Jen Gottlieb


Let’s face it: social media ads aren’t nearly as effective as they used to be. Lori and I have been thinking about how we can take our brands to the next level this year by taking the next step with PR. In today’s episode, Lori and I sit down with PR expert Jen Gottlieb to discuss her modern, authentic approach to getting her clients on mainstream media platforms. 

Jen shares the methodology behind her ‘Be on TV’ Bootcamp and inspiring success stories of people who have gone through the program. We also talk about building confidence and establishing yourself as an expert. Tune in to learn about how you can get started on your PR journey without spending thousands of dollars!


Episode Highlights:

( 1:14 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

( 3:56 ) Chris shares the inspiration behind the episode. 

( 5:38 ) Jen explains why the credibility of having your name in mainstream media is so important. 

( 9:03 ) Chris, Lori, and Jen talk about the power of Google results. 

( 11:23 ) Jen talks about when to invest time vs. money into PR during different stages of growth in your business. 

( 13:56 ) Lori shares her perspective and experience with magazines and hiring speakers for her events. 

( 15:54 ) Jen explains why you shouldn’t use ‘pay-to-play’ PR.

( 18:35 ) Chris asks about what kind of budget should be allotted for PR. 

( 20:43 ) Jen shares a story about a Be on TV Bootcamp graduate. 

( 21:42 ) Jen, Chris, and Lori talk about overcoming imposter syndrome. 

( 23:03 ) Jen shares a powerful story about Be on TV Bootcamp graduate Brenda Warren. 

( 25:48 ) Lori comments that, “ultimately PR is just getting your story out there in a big way.”

( 27:16 ) Jen talks about how Lori helped transform her life. 

( 28:21 ) Jen lifts the curtain on the daily structure and tools from the Be on TV Bootcamp.

( 30:27 ) Jen shares a story about Be on TV Bootcamp graduate Stephen Lovegrove. 

( 33:52 ) The link for listeners to join the bootcamp is

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why having your name in mainstream media is essential for your credibility 
  • Taking the intimidation out of PR 
  • What kind of budget you should set aside for PR
  • How to create genuine, powerful connections
  • Why you should avoid ‘pay-to-play’ PR opportunities 
  • Tools for overcoming imposter syndrome in order to get your story out there in a big way 
  • Details about Jen’s ‘Be on TV’ Bootcamp

Resources Mentioned: