Tony Robbins On How To Thrive During The Winter Of Your Life


We are so excited to share our conversation with one of the world’s biggest transformational coaches, Tony Robbins. We get into how to adapt and take action in 2022, his secrets for maintaining a happy marriage through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, and details on his latest book and seminar project. 

Tony explains the importance of anticipating rather than reacting, and how to create a life where you’re constantly progressing. He gets real about what’s holding this generation back from really succeeding and how to train your mind, body, and soul for prosperity. Get ready for a lot of truth bombs and inspiration in the episode, because Tony doesn’t hold back!


Episode Highlights:

( 1:21 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

( 1:44 ) Chris gives some background on today’s guest, Tony Robbins. 

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( 4:27 ) Tony joins the conversation. 

( 4:53 ) Chris asks, “what do you think we’re going to see in 2022?”

( 6:19 ) Tony explains how he adapted his businesses during the pandemic. 

(  9:22 ) Tony goes into detail about the “financial seasons.” 

(  11:30 ) Tony says, “Good times make weak people, weak people make bad times. Bad times make strong people, and strong people make great times.”

( 12:35 ) Tony talks about the process of learned helplessness. 

( 15:00 ) Lori asks for Tony’s #1 secret for feeling prepared and building your confidence muscle. 

( 17:38 ) Chris asks, “What would you say are your one or two secrets to being an entrepreneurial couple together?”

( 18:10 ) Tony says, “You need to have something in life that you’re working to serve that’s more than yourself.”

( 19:55 ) Tony stresses the importance of not making your spouse responsible for things that you’re not good at. 

( 21:54 ) Chris asks, “Do you have any tricks to keeping each other a priority or to making sure you spend enough time together?”

( 23:45 ) Tony shares the background on how and why he started the free Breakthrough seminars. 

( 25:38 ) Tony says, “Learning how to increase and utilize your energy is the most important thing.”

( 27:16 ) Tony shares an inspiring story of someone who attend the Breakthrough seminar. 

( 29:35 ) Chris says, “Talk to us a little bit about community and the role that plays in the Breakthrough 2022.”

( 32:03 ) Tony gives the background on his new book Life Force. 

( 33:39 ) Tony explains how he got into biohacking and regenerative medicine. 

( 34:35 ) Tony talks about stem cell therapy. 

(  39:24 ) Tony talks about the “seasons” of life. 

( 40:41 ) Tony talks about the “seasons” of history. 

( 44:08 ) Sign up for Breakthrough 2022, which starts on January 25th.  

( 44:26 ) Lori and Chris thank Tony for coming on the show. 

There's one
in life:
grow or die.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The different seasons of human history, your life, and finances 
  • Tony’s approach to adapting his businesses during the pandemic 
  • How to feel prepared and build your confidence muscle 
  • Tony’s advice for entrepreneurial couples and how to prioritize your relationship 
  • The key to work-life integration
  • Regenerative medicine and how that inspired Tony’s new book Life Force

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