How Your Money Mindset Shapes Your Money Goals


The thoughts that you have in your head and the words that come out of your mouth will always override any good intentions or big financial goals that you might have. But, when you start to rewrite those subconscious beliefs and spread positivity, you can change your financial outcome. 

It can feel really confrontational and uncomfortable to do this money mindset work, but it’s the number one way to improve your outlook on the world and set yourself up for financial freedom. Join me as I share tangible ways to stop going through life on autopilot and get really intentional about calling in abundance.  


Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

(1:01) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris is talking about how improving your money mindset will improve your financial outcomes. 

(2:18) Chris highlights ways that his perspective on money was shaped from his parent’s teaching and beliefs. 

(6:04) Chris emphasizes that your innocent comments and jokes about money might be affecting the people around you. 

(7:43) Chris says, “I’d argue that your current financial situation, whatever it is today, and more importantly, your future financial outcome, results from 50% the financial knowledge that you have or don’t have, and 50% from your actual money mindset.” 

(8:43) Chris explains his three-step process for improving your money mindset.  

(10:43) Chris illustrates why it’s so important to become more conscious of your thoughts and words that you’re putting out into the world.  

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You can't keep
going through
life on autopilot,
because it's
hurting you

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How our unchosen beliefs can accidentally sabotage our dreams 
  • Taking an honest look at what shaped your perspective and relationship with money 
  • Seeking opportunity and abundance in all situations 
  • My favorite three-step exercise for reframing your money mindset 

Resources Mentioned:

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