How To Live In The Present During Overwhelming Times


When you look into the future, you’re just inviting in anxiety over something that probably isn’t going to happen or isn’t going to feel the way that you think it’s going to feel. Instead, you could be living in the present and savoring the moment. I know, so much easier said than done, but this idea has really resonated for Lori and me this past month with all of the events and traveling that’s been going on. We’re chatting about how we deal with the overwhelm that we feel when we see a jam-packed schedule ahead of us and tips to stay focused and feel your best when you’re out of your normal routine. 



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(1:10) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of The Chris Harder Show.

(2:20) Chris and Lori are talking about how they deal with anxiety, especially around travel and hectic schedules. 

(4:13) Lori says she likes to remind herself that all of the busyness in her schedule is what she once dreamed of. 

(6:01) Lori and Chris talk about getting really and addressing the root cause of your anxiety. 

(10:13) Lori explains how she stays on top of her other work obligations when she’s on the road. 

Lean into having
the exact productive
life you want
and put it in
the boundaries
to have it feel
the way you
want to feel.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Staying focused on what’s within your control and letting go of everything that isn’t 
  • What to do when you’re overwhelmed with your workload, especially when you’re on the road 
  • Easy habits to implement so you can stay as healthy as possible when traveling 
  • Getting to the root of what you’re really afraid of一it might surprise you! 

Resources Mentioned:

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