How To Grow And Multiply Your Money Faster


Today I got to chat with my good friend, Mel Abraham. Mel is a CPA by trade, but really at the core, he’s an entrepreneur. You rarely get people who have the technical mind of a CPA, but also the entrepreneurial mind that wants to create things and build things — that’s exactly how Mel is created. He has a unique insight for us on not how to just earn and save money, but what we should be doing with the money that we’re earning. This episode is going to teach you how to earn money in a way where you’re not sacrificing as much life as you are right now.


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(1:09) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show, today I am joined by Mel Abraham.

(3;30) Mel joins the conversation.

(4:35) Chris asks Mel, “Would you mind sharing that first ‘two by four to the head’ story?”

(8;55) Mel says, “A lot of times we believe that legacy something we leave behind when we leave this earth and I look at it differently”.

(10:43) Chris says to Mel, “You had a second ‘two by four to the head’ that has really confirmed the mission that you’re on”.

(14:51) Mel asks listeners, “What if the Y that we’re looking for is in front of us and not behind us? How do make Y something positive, something valuable, something that’s actually good?”

(16:39) Chris asks Mel, “How would you define your mission after these two events in life?”

(26:20) Chris asks Mel, “How can people earn more money without burning themselves out and sacrificing life experiences and creating memories?”



If money and freedom
were always tied
to the efforts
in my business,
then I would
also always be
imprisoned by
the business.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How you can monetize anything you’re good at no matter how obscure you might think it is
  • How to use passive income that will recreate income on an ongoing basis
  • How to earn money in a way where you’re not trading away your precious time

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