How To Diversify Your Friends According To Your Goals


Just like your investment portfolio, you want your friend group to be diverse. At this stage in our lives, Lori and I have realized that success doesn’t just mean being financially free. We want to prioritize family and friends, and bring more adventure and culture into our lives. We feel so lucky to have the network that we do, and we’ve gotten here by intentionally collecting people, celebrating what they bring to the table, and being actively involved in each other’s lives. We talk about why you need to demand the best out of the individuals in your life and how to facilitate more equal energy exchanges.



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( 1:09 ) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of The Chris Harder Show. Today, Chris and Lori are talking about diversifying your friend group. 

( 2:33 ) Lori says, “In order to figure out who you want to spend the most of your time with, you really have to figure out what a successful life looks like to you.” 

( 5:01 ) Chris and Lori talk about how their approach to making friends has changed in the last few years. 

( 7:01 ) Lori says, “It’s hard to spread your time throughout all of these people, but it’s worth it.”

( 8:23 ) Lori emphasizes the importance of letting people be who they are instead of wishing they were something else. 

I think your life
is the average of
the 10 to 12
people that you
spend the most
time with.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Creating a life that’s rich in experience 
  • Understanding that no single person can be everything to you
  • Holding space for different groups of friends to get together and multiplying your network 
  • Getting really clear on what a successful life looks like to you 

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