How To Create More Choice For Yourself


You have to go through times of having little to no choice in order to earn your way into a season of massive choice. Today, Lori and I are talking about how we’ve gone through periods of hardcore hustle to set ourselves up for options in the future. Lori shares about finally landing speaking gigs at a price that she feels great about and I explain how amazing it feels to be free to schedule his days how I want. Choice is the best thing that success can buy and we’re sharing our secrets to getting there! 



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( 1:18 ) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of The Chris Harder Show.

( 2:20 ) This week, we want to share different reasons why we really feel like we have set ourselves up this year. 

( 2:47 ) Chris says, “choice is one of the greatest luxuries in the world.”

( 3:37 ) Lori asks Chris, “what does it look like to set your life up?”

( 4:34 ) Lori shares how she was able to land two speaking gigs at her dream price. 

( 7:16 ) Chris adds how Gary Vee declines certain jobs because they can’t meet his fee. 

( 8:22 ) Lori and Chris talk about the hard work that goes into getting to a place of choices. 

( 10:10 ) Lori says, “​​I want to create income that creates choice for other people.”

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( 14:44 ) Lori and Chris sign off the episode.

You get to a
season of choice
by toughing it
through a season
of nowhere near
as much choice
as you would like.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • What it looks like to set yourself up for having choices 
  • Being in a position to say no to offers that go against your brand 
  • Creating a legacy that we’re proud of
  • Takeaways about choices from Gary Vee’s latest book, Twelve and a Half

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