Visionaries Vs. Integrators: This Is Why You’re Stuck And Frustrated


There are two types of people in business: the visionaries who see the future and know where they want to go with a product or service, and the integrators who actually get them there. No one can be both, and in today’s episode, I explain why it’s more profitable to hire someone who complements your natural skill set instead of trying to do everything by yourself. I also provide examples of how you can get someone on board, even if you can’t provide them with a salary upfront. 



( 1:04 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

( 1:47 ) Chris shares an example of someone in a mastermind feeling frustrated because she was trying to do it all and was running out of time and energy. 

( 2:36 ) Chris says, “Your biggest challenge is that you are trying to be both the visionary and the integrator in the honorable effort of saving money, yet you’re costing yourself significant amounts of revenue by doing that.”

( 3:26 ) Chris explains the difference between a visionary and an integrator. 

( 5:50 ) Chris shares that his brother Nick is the integrator for Lori and him. 

( 6:37 ) Chris provides an example of how doing it all yourself doesn’t actually save you money. 

( 9:04 ) Chris gives examples of how to creatively compensate someone. 

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How to determine if you are a visionary or an integrator 
  • Creative ways to compensate someone for their services 
  • Leaning into your natural skills 
  • Why you don’t actually save money by doing it all yourself 

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