How to Succeed No Matter Where You Begin with Sean O’Shea


World-renowned dog trainer, teacher and author, Sean O’Shea, struggled for the first 40 years of his life. Between a dysfunctional family, learning disabilities and a directionless, toxic music career, he knew this lifestyle wasn’t working for him. While this often is the point where a person gives up, thinking they’ve screwed things up forever, Sean did the opposite.

Knowing he didn’t have the luxury of time, he dived head-first into self-development and hit it hard – absorbing everything he could to bring new skillsets on board (often 4.5 hours of reading and watching videos a day). And it all was spurred by the mind shift happened after he adopted a couple of dogs in his 30s.

At the time, knowing nothing about how to raise dogs, he admittedly messed them up. But upon realizing this, he made a promise that he would help them get in a better place – and he did. Shortly after Sean transformed his dogs’ behavior, people began to notice. Starting out with a dog-walking service that became wildly popular, his business grew and shifted into The Good Dog Training. (So grateful as he trained my brother’s dog, Ozzie, and turned him into a gentleman of a dog.)

Sean’s comeback story is incredible and he wants everyone to know that you don’t have to be perfect to be successful. You can come from any background, screw up colossally and still find success – if you do the work. Be sure to listen in to the full episode to find out how he turned his profound struggle into a successful life and business – and now a new book! There are countless valuable takeaways from our conversation!

Question Highlights:
o Describe one of your lowest moments.
o What role has self-development specifically played in your success?
o What do you mean when you say that “you don’t have to come to the table with the skills, you just have to want the skills really, really bad?”
o Tell us about your book. Who’s your book for?
o What’s the best lesson in your book?
o Where did your generosity come from?

Sean’s Thoughts…

“You don’t have to come to the table with the skills; you just have to want the skills really, really bad.”

“You start from influences that plant the thoughts and then you can start to build everything else.”

“Drive will reveal the path.”

“Being the equal of what you want is critical.”

“You don’t have to be filthy rich to give back.”

“Money combined with contribution is where the magic is.”

“Money facilitates what you want to do.”

Sean O’Shea is a world-renowned dog trainer, teacher, and author. He is most known for his rehabilitation work with extremely challenging dogs. He runs two successful training locations, one in Los Angeles and the other in New Orleans. He’s released two highly acclaimed training DVDs, an industry-changing training book, he co-teaches the internationally lauded Train the Trainers seminar, and most recently, he released his first book devoted to personal development. Sean splits his time between Los Angeles and New Orleans

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How Sean overcame profound struggles to become the success he is today
  • How adopting dogs made a pivotal change in his life
  • What role self-development has played in Sean’s life
  • The power of influence and the importance of surrounding yourself continuously with great influencers
  • The influence Jim Rohn has had on Sean’s success
  • Creating resources to do more good
  • Importance of finding what resonates with you
  • His new book, Closing the Gap and the fact that he’s donating all of its proceeds
  • Learning skills and becoming the master of them
  • Where Sean’s generosity comes from
  • And so much more…

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