Should You Feel Guilty for having “Wealth?”


Should you feel guilty for having more than others?

This isn’t a new question, but it came up on my recent trip to Guatemala with Pencils of Promise, an organization that helps villages provide sustainable schools, clean water and sanitation. These are very remote and poor villages that lack many of the modern “comforts” we have here in the U.S.

So when this question came up again, it got my wheels turning. Should I feel guilty? My answer was no, but I quickly let my thoughts put doubt it my head. Should I feel bad about this? Once I was able to reframe these thoughts I stuck to my original answer and here’s why.

Without excess wealth or having more than others, we can’t help anyone else. We need those extra resources, connections etc. to do great things. The only time you should feel guilty is if you have excess wealth and you’re not doing anything to create more of it. Or of course, if you’re playing small… that doesn’t serve anybody.

We’ve been gifted multiple opportunities so we can help others. My trip to Guatemala was proof of that. That’s why I came home more excited and even more inspired to do more.

“Home represents opportunity.”

I plan to use the excess leverage and opportunities I have to create more positive change in the world. And I can’t wait for you to do the same and live up to your fullest potential, too.

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  • Whether or not you should feel guilty about having more than another
  • The infiniteness of money and wealth
  • Using excess leverage to create change

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