Four Business Lessons from my Mastermind Group


This past weekend, I hosted my first business mastermind and honestly, I’m still on a high from the epic breakthroughs and experiences that were had. There are 24 people in this year’s group, but a mastermind can be as small as three to five people too. As a refresher, a mastermind is when a group of people, who have similar goals, come together to lift each other’s businesses up so there are several people working on a business – not just one person.

I observed so many similar trends within the group and instantly knew I wanted to share a few with you.

1. Most people know how to get where they want to go, but they’re holding themselves back because of fears and stories they tell themselves that aren’t true. The takeaway?

“You’re closer than you think to your goals – you just have a mental block.”

2. The power of collaboration. I was blown away by the breakthroughs that were happening left and right. And I credit it to the group brainstorming and talking about things as a collective. Just think what you could come up with in a group of like-minded people!

3. It’s not all business – it’s a mix of business and pleasure. I noticed that the most breakthroughs happened when people let loose at the restaurant. There was a noticeable difference when people were more open and decided to have more fun with it.

4. There’s always a way to hit your goals. When you’re around a group of new people who are able to be completely objective, they’re able to see the things you can’t or aren’t willing to see. Masterminds are a way to remind that you don’t have to do it alone – someone can help you! And this isn’t just limited to masterminds. Whatever situation you’re in, and I cannot stress this enough, ASK for help!

Let me know if you agree with any of the above or if you plan to incorporate parts of them into your life and business. They may further boost you onto the fast track for success.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • What a mastermind is
  • Mixing business and pleasure
  • The power of collaboration

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