Becoming Extremely Wealthy with Grant Cardone


I’m so honored to have the one and only, Grant Cardone, as a guest today as he’s inspired me for the last 20 years of my life. Sounds crazy, but after dropping out of college and getting into the car business, I was selected to hear him speak at an event about sales. It was game-changing for me because it made me realize I wanted to do more than sell cars – I wanted to be the person on the stage. Fast forward to the present and I’ve had the privilege of speaking on stage and have Grant to thank for it.

As an international sales expert and NY Times Best-Selling Author, I’m in awe of Grant’s no-nonsense approach to both life and wealth/business. Whether he succeeds or makes mistakes, he equally owns both 100%. But Grant wasn’t always a wealthy sales mastermind. From his late teens to early 20s, he was self-admittedly selfish. After a brief stint in rehab, he made the choice do something about the disappointment he felt and turned it around.

Since that time, Grant never settles for what he has and strives to do better and better so he can be around 200-300 years after he’s gone through his books and courses. His goal and passion are to help others grow their wealth and make their lives easier. With the packed house his upcoming 10X Growth Conference promises, I’d say he’s doing just that.

Don’t miss this inspirational, but brutally honest conversation with Grant. I can almost guarantee that it will make you want to do more when it comes to taking action to increase your wealth – and your giving.

Question Highlights:
o You don’t always have to like what you’re doing, but it can still be good for you and put you on your path – can you expand on this idea?
o Where does your drive to be great in all areas come from?
o Do you still feel disappointed in yourself after all you’ve accomplished?
o Why should each of us become as wealthy as possible?
o Why do people struggle with having a strong money mindset?
o What’s the best way to make money today and how does it relate to Cardone Capital?
o When did you decide to stop letting other people’s opinions matter?
o Who do you study? Who motivates you?
o Is it easier to invest in someone else’s fund or would you rather do it on your own and make mistakes?
o What will people learn at the 10X Growth Conference?
o Who is the event for?
o How has generosity impacted your success?

Grant’s Thoughts…

“I wanna be the guy on stage and working for the world.”

“We’re never playing above our game.”

“If you don’t love money, you’re never going to get it.”

“I’m certain about my mistakes and I’m certain about my successes.”

“We should be inspired by people’s successes – not hate on them.”

o CEO of 5 privately held companies with annual revenues of over $100 Million
o Real Estate Investor with a portfolio of over 4,000 units.
o Forbes says he’s the #1 Marketing Influencer to Watch in 2017
o NY Times Bestselling author of 7 Business books
o Writes for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider amongst other prominent publications.
o Creator of the #1 online Sales Training System in the world

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why more people should be dissatisfied with their lives
  • Getting great in the space you’re in until you can movie into the next level
  • What it means to have a scarcity mindset
  • Why so many are mis-educated about money
  • The importance of a second or third stream of income
  • When Grant decided to value his time more than his money
  • How and why we need to continue the cycle of action and giving
  • And so much more…

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