This is a huge topic that plagues everybody – or at least it seems to anyway. Whether we’re stressed about our business not having any traction or we’re stressed about all the work that comes with a business with traction, stress doesn’t discriminate. That’s just real life, right? Not so fast…

While I’m not denying the existence of all stress, I do question how much of the stress we have is really B.S. I venture to say that roughly 90 percent of the stress we have is literally made up in our heads. What if we reframe this idea?

“You’re not stressed, you’re blessed.”

Would you rather have the alternative to your stress? Typically, that answer would be no. Think about it, a broke and struggling person would love the stress that your success brings upon them.

When entrepreneurs are stressed it’s because we chose that stress. We had a series of choices that we said yes or no to. We have the control and power to either change it or appreciate it. I choose the latter.

“We’re not actually busy, we’re busy in our head.”

How often do you get stressed thinking about all of your future appointments or project deadlines? I know it’s tough, but STOP living in the future! Get present. The things you worry about in your head will likely never happen. Seriously, 95% of the stuff we stress about NEVER happens.

One more tip, make sure you’re not mislabeling your stress or nervousness as excitement. They’re very similar feelings, so when you catch yourself doing that, quickly reframe it. The sooner you learn to stop creating fake stress, the better you can manage your business and life.

Make sure you’re leaning into the stress, don’t fear it. I firmly believe that “a little stress is a prerequisite for success.” Just remember to keep stepping through the stress, not back.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Reframing the “stress” in your life
  • Differentiating between stress and excitement
  • How being present can help you avoid feelings of stress

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