Your “RICH” Will Be Different


My Two Cents today is based on a conversation I had the other day with a buddy of mine. To sum it up, we discussed how when spending time with a friend (someone who has crushed it in business), there are times when you walk away from it questioning their actions or how they treated others, ultimately fearing that you too will become a certain way when you reach their level.

It’s only natural to reflect on their behavior, but I’m here to tell you that you need to stop.

“Your rich is not their rich.”

Money doesn’t change people, but it can magnify who you already are. For example, if you’re kind to everybody, treat others with respect and genuinely have a genuine desire to help people, when you become more successful, you’re going to do more of that. The same thing is true if you feel entitled, disrespect others and only care about yourself – it will magnify that too.

Don’t worry about what’s coming up next – no matter where you are. Stay true to who YOU are.

“Root down in who you really are and who you’ve been up that point, and live in your truth.”

If you’re living in your truth you can get out and pursue wealth without fear of what it will look like to others. And as I eluded to above, if you’re not caught up in the wrong crowd and you don’t have hurtful thoughts now, you’re not likely to have a problem down the road when success is knocking at your door.

But I get that fears will naturally arise. And when they do, I want you to stop, acknowledge it and reframe it. Remind yourself (picture it too) how you’ll feel and what you’ll do when that next level comes.

“It’s not the destination that changes you, it’s the person taking the journey to the destination that can cause that.”

If you love you, with more wealth and success, you’ll only love yourself more. So get out there without fear and do great things!

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • That money only magnifies who you are now
  • Why it’s important to get rooted in your truth
  • How to confront and reframe fears about making more money

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