How to Take a Business from Offline to Online with Genecia Alluora


Today’s guest and entrepreneur, Genecia Alluora, is one of the most driven women I’ve ever talked to (she started working at age 14 and hasn’t slowed down since!). While she started out teaching fitness classes, she’s since founded other businesses, one of which helps other women take their businesses from offline to online. And everything she does is so she can stop trading time for money and spend more time with her family.

Genecia offers such a unique international perspective and she drops the most amazing wisdom. If you’re looking to make the next step forward in your business you’re not going to want to miss the advice she hands out during our conversation.

Question Highlights:
• What kind of jobs did you have at age 14?
• Did you think it was unfair to work so hard at such a young age or do you feel like it was preparing you for something great in the future?
• What did participating in Miss Singapore competitions teach you about confidence and what did it go on to serve you later in life?
• Was the café you founded your first entrepreneurial success story?
• What is Soul Rich Woman and Soul Rich TV?
• Where is the best place for someone to start investing in themselves?
• What is the secret to success when it comes to building an online brand?
• Is it different building a business in the international online space?
• How has generosity and money mindset played a role in your business so far?

Genecia’s Thoughts…

“You are not what you have done, you are what you overcome.”

“One woman can make a difference. Together we can rock the world.”

“No progress means a slow death.”

“Alone we are strong, together we are unstoppable.”

“Make sure your content goes as far as possible.”

“Why play small when you can be living the destiny you truly deserve.”

Genecia Alluora is the Founder of Soul Rich Woman, South East Asia’s leading network for female entrepreneurs connecting 10,000 women across the region. Genecia was drawn to entrepreneurship in her mid 20s following her time as Miss Singapore when she established Coffee:Nowhere, a specialist cafe for coffee lovers which has grown into a renowned retail cafe chain with a presence across
three countries in Asia.

Keen to explore different marketing avenues and empower like-minded women, Genecia began her own live stream channel, Soul Rich Woman TV. Today, Soul Rich Woman TV has a combined social media reach of 200,000, consists of 1,000+ episodes and has built the foundations of her current business.
Established in Singapore, Genecia has expanded Soul Rich Woman in recent years to Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Myanmar with a view to expand licensee opportunities to Indonesia and Vietnam soon.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How working at such a young age taught Genecia invaluable resilience
  • Why we must never stop learning and investing in ourselves
  • The importance of understanding what it means to become a woman of influence
  • Why the past does not define the present
  • How Genecia stopped trading time for money
  • How Genecia helps women go from offline to online
  • Why mindset is key in a successful business
  • Why it’s crucial to find a mentor and what qualities to look for
  • Why social media is not your marketing strategy
  • About the importance of repurposing your content
  • Why you must seek feedback before creating a product
  • And so much more…

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