Success Is Just Beyond This Point…


Lori and I recently visited Costa Rica and met a woman who was working on her Pilates certification. Part of the certification process is teaching classes and this woman shares that she was so nervous that she thought she was going to puke.

Have you ever felt that nervous? I know I have, and the most recent example was the very first episode of this podcast. But just like that Pilates instructor, I pushed past that moment to get the reward.

“The payoff is past the puke.”

Yes, it’s an awful feeling, but it’s just your body and mind’s way of saying, “Whoa, slow down – this is scary.” When you can move through that feeling you’re most often rewarded. But that reward doesn’t come as quickly if you stop short before it can happen.

“The point where you feel like you might get ill is the great separator between those who do and those who do not.”

You are often times ONE step away from the ultimate payoff – but you must make the choice to keep moving.

“It’s one little step, but it’s a HUGE barrier that stops people.”

Don’t let the fear – or puke– stop you. Make your dream a reality and keep that momentum going.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The moment when Chris was so nervous he felt like he could puke
  • Why the payoff is past the puke
  • The benefits of pushing past the fear (or puke)

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