Why (and How!) Women Need to Step into Their Earning Power with Lori Harder


Today’s episode comes straight from the Costa Rican jungle and with my amazing wife, Lori Harder. We’re talking about the need for women to step into their earning power unapologetically so they’re able to make tons of money and use it as leverage to make a huge positive difference in this world.

Tune in to hear why more women aren’t stepping forward, why they should start (now!) and how Lori overcame her money-earning beliefs and hit new levels of success with her businesses – all while keeping a balance of the feminine and masculine energies. This is such an inspiring episode!

Question Highlights:
• Why should women flex their earning power now more than ever?
• How can women become unstuck and overcome their fear?
• Are you able to flex your earning power, make a ton of money and make a difference while staying in your feminine?
• What do you say to those who fear being judged?
• Who are 2-3 women that you’ve seen unapologetically step into their earning power?
• What is one of your most recent favorite moments of giving?

Lori’s Thoughts…

“If we want to see changes, now is the only time we have.”

“Stuck is a choice – it’s energy that’s not moving.”

“You have to go through it to empower others.”

“Pain, when it occurs as a result of your soul, will always have a reward.”

“Life has pain and tons of fear, but if you’re willing to translate it, it has all the messages you need.”

“You are the impact.”

“Happy people shift the planet.”

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why it’s so important for women to step into their earning power – now!
  • How making money can help and impact more peoples’ lives
  • Ways to get un-stuck and overcome fear
  • The importance of ditching the belief that money is bad
  • How and why women will be the healers of the world
  • About the dance between the masculine and feminine energies
  • That pain and fear are completely normal and necessary if your soul craves something bigger
  • And so much more…

Resources Mentioned:

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