SUCCESS HACK: Always Buy The Upgrade


Lori and I have been to our fair share of self- and business-development events, and when we do, there’s one thing we always do… We always buy the upgrade! Upgrading to VIP (or whatever the upgrade is called) has helped so much when it comes to expanding our tribe and network.

“Maximize your return on events.”

Before I go further, if you’re attending an event by the skin of your teeth and you absolutely cannot afford to upgrade – don’t sweat it. I applaud you for hustling and just getting to the event! And trust me, there are plenty of radically amazing people in general admission as well. BUT, if you do have the extra dollars, and you’re trying to determine whether or not to part with that money, my advice – do it!

“Invest in proximity.”

When you choose the upgrade you’re choosing an investment of proximity to the people who are already crushing it. You’re setting yourself on a path that may lead you to the answers you’re looking for. You’re surrounding yourself with the doers, big thinkers and hustlers who also expanded their money mindset to have the same experience as you.

And guess what? The people who are consistently in the VIP areas are also seeking you out, too, whether it’s as a partner, client or person with fresh ideas. It’s a win all around.

Is it always comfortable? No. But I promise that when you do, you’ll plug into a brand-new tribe that takes your success to new levels.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why choosing the upgrade at events is beneficial
  • How investing expands your money mindset
  • What kind of people buy the upgrade

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