This Gratitude Practice Can Make You Rich


I’m often asked what my non-negotiables are when it comes to my success. Today I’ll share one of the most important and that is my gratitude practice. I am certain that the four steps of my gratitude practice have helped me make more money and I’m certain it can help you, too.

“Gratitude. It doesn’t just change your life; it continues to keep you on the right track.”

Here Are the Four Parts of My Gratitude Practice:

• Name Your Alarms with Something Positive. These words don’t have to be anything complex or life-changing, but when you’re tired or half-awake, you need it to train your brain to go somewhere positive. It shapes your mindset and shapes your day. Here are a couple of my alarm names:
– 4:15 a.m. God has blessed us so we can help others
– 7 a.m. Congratulations! Today is one of the best days of your life.
– 9 a.m. Everything is happening even better and even faster than expected.

• Wake Up and Say a Positive Mantra. Again this can be simple, but the important part is that you MUST say it like you mean it. Here’s what Lori and I repeat every morning: “I’m happier, healthier, wealthier and more fit than I was yesterday.” You are programming into your body and into your expectations for the day.

• Simple Gratitude Prayer. I’m not joking… keep it super simple, almost juvenile and short (only about 60-90 seconds). Take into account all the things you DO have. List them…Thank you for my house. Thank you for my success. Thank you for keeping my loved ones healthy and safe. You get the idea… Just stay away from saying “want.” This wakes you up in lack and we’re shooting for abundance!

• Meditation. The time on this one varies, but we shoot for 10-20 minutes. Please though, if you’ve only got two minutes to meditate – do it! This is your opportunity to close your eyes, get silent and call in exactly what you want for that day.

All of the above tools ensure that you’re able to control your day. Even when those bumps happen, you can easily reframe it because you started your day out in gratitude. So I challenge you, starting today… OWN the results of your day, week, month and year.

“Choose what is going to unfold for you instead of letting things unfold and going with the flow.”

Try the above steps for a week and keep an open mind. Start with just one of the practices if you feel overwhelmed. I know if you can add even just a little more gratitude into your life that it will help you significantly increase your productivity, income, blessings, and abundance.

Let me know how it goes (or doesn’t go) – I want to hear either way!

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Chris’s four steps in his daily gratitude practice
  • Why you should start your gratitude practice right when you wake up
  • The importance of choosing what your day is going to look like

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