This Disabled Veteran, Worth Millions is Paying it Forward with Joey Fazio


I am so glad that today’s guest and wildly successful entrepreneur, Joey Fazio, an I were recently introduced by a mutual friend. Growing up in a military family, his life was a bit atypical as his father was gone often (at age 12 his dad was deployed and didn’t come home for three years). Joey left his parents’ home at the age of 17, joined college a little after only to eventually drop out at age 20 and join the military (Air Force) himself.

Always having an innate drive for success and dreams of bigger things, he left his secure military job to pursue the unknown. Unfortunately, his wife at the time (who had two children with) did not share his passion, and they divorced. So, at the age of 26, Joey started over with a negative net worth, but knew he would become a multi-millionaire by age 36. Spoiler alert: He’s now 36 and a multi-millionaire.

You don’t want to miss this episode as Joey shares his amazing, but sometimes difficult entrepreneurial journey. I truly appreciated how authentic and vulnerable our conversation was and I know that you will resonate with it as well – especially on topics of relationships, money and giving back.

Question Highlights:

• What were you feeling like when you were starting over with nothing?
• What is your advice for those who feel someone they love is holding them back?
• What did you learn in the military that you use today?
• Where can someone develop discipline if they haven’t been in the military?
• Of your business, which is your favorite?
• Where does your insane entrepreneurial drive come from?
• Would you be able to make as big a difference as you do now without money?
• What does money mean to you?
• How do you want your kids to grow up viewing money and opportunity?

Joey’s Thoughts…

“Time is the most valuable resource that any of us have.”

“Act now – the sooner the better.”

“Couples that share goals and have the same vision have a much higher chance of succeeding than those with separate goals.”

“If you don’t have the partner who supports you and sees your vision – leave.”

“Start at the bottom. Work every position. Be the smartest person in the room.”

“If you have the opportunity to put yourself in a position of power and that truly helps people and makes a difference – do it.”

“You can’t help anyone from the bottom.”

“If you piss off 10 people to help a million – do it.”

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the opportunity.”

“If you’re going to help, go all in.”

Joseph Fazio, is a seasoned entrepreneur who has owned and operated businesses for 18+ years. Joseph has owned/owns 4 different franchised business models as well as proprietary concepts and start-ups. Specific to restaurants, Joseph owns several Denny’s franchises and is a certified restaurant operator. Joseph, has won multiple awards with the Denny’s organization and was named IFA Franchisee of the Year and was awarded by Congress in 2013 for work two Tint World stores that he owned.

Joseph, holds college degrees in both Computer Science and Human Resources Management and is a Disabled Veteran having served six years in the United States Air Force. Since separating from the Air Force, Joseph has owned/operated over 20 businesses and has excelled dramatically in both the fitness and entertainment arenas.
In 2016, Joseph sold the largest outsourced personal training and gym management company in the United States, after growing his company to 2,000+ personal trainers and managing over 300 gyms. During this time, Joseph created the supplement company “FitStrong” that sponsored/managed 6 top 10 Olympians as well as roughly 100 other athletes/ambassadors. During this time, Joseph perfected athlete and celebrity marketing/management and currently works with some of the biggest names in social media as well as professional athletes and entertainers.

Joseph is now a multi-unit franchisee of Crunch Fitness and is developing Phoenix, Arizona. He has expanded the FitStrong brand to include nutrition shops, and is in the process of becoming the franchisor. Joseph, brings a plethora of business, marketing and branding knowledge to any team. Joseph’s background in computer science, combined with his involvement in the celebrity and athlete management space, empowers him with a high-level understanding of social media, information technology, and network marketing. Joseph’s various skill-sets make him a key player to have.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • About how Joey turned a negative worth into millions
  • Advice on what to do if you have an unsupportive partner or spouse
  • Why discipline is essential to growing a successful business
  • The importance of working from the bottom up in a company
  • Why time and opportunity is more important than money
  • How Joey raises his kids to view money
  • And so much more…

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