Abundance HACK! How To Get Good at Sales


Take a poll on how people feel about sales and my guess is that you’ll see a large portion of people who are uncomfortable with it or just plain don’t like it. If sounds like you, I encourage you to stay put and hear my take on it.

First off, sales intrigues me. I’m kind of a nerd that way, but I like it! And maybe it’s because I do approach it from a more positive perspective.

“You’re always selling someone on an idea that you believe in.”

Whether it’s a point of view or a product, I think most can agree with that statement, but link it to money and that’s when people start to get uncomfortable. And it’s likely because they had bad experiences that helped support that feeling. So my goal with this episode is to change those opinions and feelings around selling and help you get comfortable with it.

Let’s take the words “sales” and “money” out of the equation. Now you can focus on the people, and offer them a valuable solution for their problem.

“You’re currently placing too much value on money and not enough value on your customers’ needs.”

It’s all about an equal energy/value exchange. As Lisa Nichols puts it,

“Sales is just a dignified conversation enrolling two people into a new possibility to enhance their lives.”

Sales doesn’t have to be sleazy and it doesn’t mean that anyone is getting the wool pulled over their eyes. Sales is taking an interest in the actual people – not their money (even though that’s an amazing side effect).

“The best sales are caring conversations.”

But just like any relationship, don’t be surprised if the sale or friendship isn’t locked in right away. It takes time and follow-up to build a connection. Have patience and don’t make the mistake of stopping that conversation because you think they’re going to say no.

“Don’t create a false no in your head just because the person who you’re selling to isn’t ready to say yes.”

A person saying “not yet” is not a NO. Don’t get tripped up by doubts and don’t stop out of fear or being judged. The world needs your unique solutions!

“Not selling to protect your ego is being selfish – not caring.”

If you’re aligned in integrity and you whole-heartedly believe in your solution or product, it will eventually happen and abundance will appear. It is your moral obligation to share your solutions with others. Because if you’re not, who else will they turn to?

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why people are so uncomfortable about sales
  • How sales is essentially helping to solve peoples’ problems
  • Why it’s so important to take an interest in those you’re trying to sell to

Resources Mentioned:

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