You’re More Abundant Than You Think – Here’s Why


When you think of abundance, the first thing most people think of is money. It seems obvious, but there are so many other areas of your life where abundance can be found – ones that you probably have but haven’t taken inventory of. When you don’t feel abundant, it’s because you’re focused on all of the things you don’t have instead of what you do. When you’re able to take stock of the abundance you have, that’s how you create real balanced wealth.

Look at someone who has more money than you. You may say, “Oh, I wish I had as much money as them,” but what you’re forgetting is that they may have less time than you have because of what they’ve had to sacrifice in order to achieve that level of wealth. They might also have less urgency and drive to keep pushing forward, but – even if you have less money – you have that extra drive of motivation.

And if you’re worried about starting something new when there are so many voices and personalities out there, don’t be. The world needs new, fresh voices. Every day, new personalities are exploding onto the scene, and while it might seem as if they just showed up as a success, they were likely just where you are today a short time ago.

The point is this: when somebody has more of something that you want, they naturally will have less of something valuable that you already have. It may not be in the areas that you want, but it all balances out. So leverage what you have and start trading in one form of abundance for another. Don’t end up as the example of someone who spends so much time chasing abundance in one area that you end up with too little of the things that truly matter. There is a perfect balance for everyone – and I believe that we can all make it happen.

We are all

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why you’re more abundant than you realize
  • The advantage of being early in your journey
  • Leveraging what you have to trade abundance
  • Finding the perfect balance

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