How We Are Tapping Into Our Superpowers


As we’ve been traveling, we’ve been listening to a ton of podcasts that are reeducating and inspiring us to do our best work. Again and again, we are having these reminders of lessons that are imperative to our success.

One of the first reminders we had was from a podcast with Lewis Howes and Rob Dyrdek. Rob does a great job of living his life to the fullest while also achieving incredible things and reaching massive success. He talked about living a life without compromise and following where your energy leads you.

Another lesson is the power of manifestation – but not in the way you might expect. Truly taking the time to embody and visualize the feeling of what you want. Whether you’re inclined to more logical or mystical thinking, this still works. Logically, picturing and feeling what you want is going to wire your brain to take conscious and subconscious actions that bring you the results. Or you may believe that the power of asking the universe is actually bringing you closer to your goals. Either way, this is a powerful tool.

And lastly, we were reminded of the power of rituals and boundaries. Setting clear boundaries and expectations of how long you are going to work, how long you’re going to spend with your family, who you’re going to spend time with, what you’re going to track, and more. You need to exercise your boundaries in order to live a life within the container you want.

There are so many things you can learn from plugging in and listening to things that inspire and motivate you. You are more powerful than you realize, it just takes finding something to spark that memory and then taking the action to prove it.

You have superpowers
if you just start
to dial into them.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Taking advantage of your situation
  • Living without compromise
  • The power of manifestation
  • The power of rituals and boundaries

Resources Mentioned:

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