A Common Fear Among Successful Entrepreneurs


During my Elite Entrepreneur Mastermind where I brought together multiple high-level entrepreneurs to collaborate and learn together, I kept hearing participants and guests alike talk about their biggest fear: losing it all. This is a natural fear, but the problem with feeling like you might lose everything is that it switches you from playing offense to playing defense – and being forced to play defense takes away the edge that got you where you are today.

If you’re an entrepreneur that’s already on the upswing and you feel this fear starting to creep in, you’ve got to squash it. Right away.

The catch is this: the money that you’ve made or accumulated is not your biggest asset. Your biggest asset is in the talent, grit, experience, and ability that got you all of that money in the first place. If you’re afraid of losing your money, you’re going to start degrading all of those other assets, and you are actually going to put yourself in a position where you might lose it – but only if you’re afraid to.

Don’t let these fears cause any more damage than they already have. Cut them off at the source, and keep the edge that got you to where you are.

You can lose
your money,
but you can’t lose
your abilities and experiences.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The number one fear entrepreneurs face
  • How that fear holds you back
  • The dangers of playing defense

Resources Mentioned:

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  • Text “FAST” to 310-421-0416 to get on the VIP list for my Fast Foundations Mastermind