From DUMPSTER DIVER to EMPIRE BUILDER with Bedros Keuilian


Imagine fleeing to the U.S. from communist Armenia at the age of 6 only to live with your family of five in one bedroom of a two-bedroom apartment. Your family is broke, you don’t speak the language and you’ve been elected to go dumpster diving for expired food at the nearby grocery story. This was Bedros Keuilian’s life and just a couple of the many other adversities he faced as a young immigrant.

Having recently met Bedros at a mastermind event, I knew his story was one I needed to share. Not only does he provide a unique perspective, but he’s also able to speak to so many aspects of entrepreneurship and money, check out sunflower maids. Tune in to hear how he went from being broke to becoming the mastermind behind many of the most successful brands, businesses, thought leaders and best-selling authors throughout multiple industries (including the company he founded, Fit Body Boot Camp). This epic conversation is definitely one you want share with your friends and family. Enjoy!

Question Highlights:

• Did your upbringing feel tough or did it feel normal to you?

• Do you feel that immigrants come here with a stronger work ethic and desire to succeed more than someone raised in the U.S.?

• How do you raise your children knowing they’ll grow up privileged, but instill in them the grit and edge to know that they need to earn their keep?

• Who are your mentors?

• Did you know deep down that you were going to be this successful or was it a slow progression?

• What’s the secret to asking people to pay you what your worth?

• How does one build self-confidence?

• Why is it so important to you to be a massive giver and to have your clients follow suit?

Bedros’s Thoughts…

“I’ve got the immigrant edge and the American dream.”

“The more you pay, the more you pay attention.”

“I learned to turn adversity into an advantage.”

“Take a little bit of money from a lot of people.”

“Build your self-esteem and confidence so you know that you deserve more. Once you know you deserve more, you will command more.”

“Being self-aware builds self-confidence.”

“The best high I can get is to serve.”

“We, as humans, have to be selfish in order to survive.”

“I can put my money to work to help the people I love.”

Before You Can Build an Empire, You Have to Walk Like an Emperor… Bedros Keuilian is the One Man Who Can Teach You. As a child, he ate out of dumpsters and couldn’t speak a word of English. Today, Bedros is a best-selling author, and the founder and CEO of the world’s fastest-growing fitness franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp. He’s also famous for helping 24 of his clients go from being in debt to growing 7 figure generating empires, and helping thousands more turn their passions into multiple six figure businesses.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How Bedros experienced adversities as an immigrant and overcame them
  • The difference between a poor state of mind and always being financially broke
  • How Bedros is making peace with the scars of his childhood
  • About different ways to raise kids to be grounded and giving humans
  • Why self-confidence is the missing ingredient in many entrepreneurs and how to build it
  • How to turn adversity into an advantage
  • Why it’s important to give without expectation
  • And so much more…

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