Connect The Dots, an EMPOWERMENT HACK


What would you say if I told you that your future is fully in your control with the help of one empowerment hack? Too good to be true? Possibly, but then you’re not using the hack. ;)

Today’s Two Cents talks about accepting 99.9% responsibility for your current situation. Think about it… The dots (your choices) always connect back to you. Whether it’s a moment of weakness where you said yes or no to something or you missed an appointment because your car broke down…it doesn’t matter. Whatever the “event” was, you made a choice and that choice is why you’re where you’re at now.

Look, I’m not trying to be an ass (maybe trying to offer a bit of tough love), but this is meant to be a wake-up call to empower yourself by owning your choices!

For example, when I lost my job some years ago, I could have blamed the recession, the company etc. But I didn’t. I blamed myself because I chose that profession and I could have saved more money so it wasn’t such a scary thing. I owned where I was and that day I made the decision to make a career change.

“Once you own that you have caused the exact spot you woke up in today, then you are able to determine the exact spot you’ll be in tomorrow.”

It’s not always easy to own your choices – it’s actually downright uncomfortable. But trust me, when I tell you that it’s also where the magic happens.

“You’re fully in control to make your life awesome…or to make it difficult. It’s your choice.”

Start owning your choices TODAY and create the life YOU want.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • What empowerment hack can help you create the life you want
  • Why it’s important to own our own choices
  • How to recognize who’s responsible for your current situation

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