The Importance of Serving Others and Customer Relationships with LA’s Number 1 Real Estate Agent Tami Pardee


Today’s episode is a modern-day Cinderella story…except there’s no fairy godmother or prince in it. Real-estate rock star, Tami Pardee, learned to work hard at a young age and she’s been working ever since. Having been raised poor and later brought into wealth, she was taught early on the value of money and the importance of hard work and getting things done.

This minivan-driving mom of four uses this same work ethic and drive to dominate L.A.’s residential real estate market today. Listen in to find out how she balances this massively successful business with a family and why she feels called to give back by helping others find or reignite their purpose.

Question Highlights:

• Where did your drive for insane success come from? Did you always want this
level of success?

• What are some of your wall-kicking business moments/challenges? How did you work
through those challenges?

• How do you balance a busy family and a busy, successful career?

• How do you want your children to define success?

• What effect has your MS diagnosis had on your life/career?

• What is the main driver of your success?

• Why is giving back so important to you?

• Is there a correlation between success and giving?

Tami’s Thoughts…

“I’m not really about money, it’s more about the comfort of knowing that everything is OK and I control my own destiny.”

“I was driven by helping people.”

“If you take care of your farm, the farm will take care of you.”

“If you show up as loving and kind and are good to people, they’re going to reflect that.”

“In order to live, you need connection, purpose, and passion.”

“It feels good to give back – it feeds the soul.”

“If you don’t have fear, you’re doing something wrong.”

“We need to own our own power.”

Tami Halton Pardee’s expertise in Southern California real estate and entrepreneurship is unrivaled. As owner and principal broker of Halton Pardee + Partners (formerly Pardee Properties), Tami is the #1 agent in Los Angeles and the company is the #1 brokerage on the Westside. Responsible for selling over $2 billion worth of residential and commercial properties since beginning in 2005, Tami has built a new model for real estate to better serve clients. In recognition of her work as both an entrepreneur as well as her focus on charity, Good Housekeeping presented Tami the 2016 Awesome Women Award, plus she received a nomination by the Los Angeles Business Journal for Philanthropist of the Year in 2016.

Tami received her undergraduate degree from Boston University and her MBA from Loyola Marymount University and spent several years working in the corporate world before creating a business that integrated into the community. Understanding that the buying or selling of a home is one of life’s most important life-changing decisions, Tami launched Halton Pardee + Partners with the goal of helping people have a seamless experience, visit Her unique business model creates a true work-family of staff employees (rather than the traditional independent contractor model), building a culture that results in continued success and a consistent ranking of #1 for sales in its region.

Although Tami has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), she continues to drive toward the values and goals that allow her to help others. The Halton Pardee + Partners tagline of “Open Doors. Lifting Hearts. Changing Lives.” is the credo that drives the company. Furthering Tami’s deep commitment to the community, she created the Life-Changer Program that empowers the transformation of lives and communities. Via active participation and significant financial contributions to local charities that have a direct impact on the lives of those in need, the Life-Changer Program has worked with Harvest Home, Teen Project, Homeless Task Force, Venice Community Housing Corporation, and many more to tackle the issues important to Westside residents.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • About the impact that hard work has had on Tami’s life
  • Why Tami dominates the Los Angeles residential real estate market
  • Why it’s so important to serve others
  • Tips to maintain your customer relationships
  • How to deal with the haters
  • Why Tami involves her children in various areas of her business
  • About the importance of living a life of purpose
  • Why you must be successful in all areas of your life: personal, relationships, family, community and business
  • And so much more…

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