If you’ve been listening to my podcast, you know I want everyone to succeed. And what’s more, I love it when a person’s success is created by a no-excuses ability to succeed. Does that trait describe you?

It’s no coincidence that many of my podcast guests possess this same trait. Many have hit rock bottom only to become multi-millionaires later on. How were they able to do this? They turned the few assets they had into full-fledged resources. They were resourceful with what they had!

“It’s not how many resources you have, it’s your resourcefulness that determines your ability to succeed.”

While some people are just “given” resources because they have the money to put behind it, I find that sometimes these are the people who end up failing. The stakes aren’t as high and they’re not as personally invested in the business or project. They’re not concerned with the seemingly little things. My resourceful friends think a little differently – they see every seed (big or small) as something BIG.

“Resourcefulness means you are able to find any little thing that other people might overlook and turn it into something big.”

Whether it’s Googling, working two jobs and saving the money or getting to know the right people, you are fully equipped to create the level of resourcefulness that translates into massive success (however you define it). It’s simply a matter of planting the seeds, nurturing them and watching them turn into your dreams.

“When you fully grasp the idea that it’s all about how resourceful you are instead of what resources you have, that’s when you are fully empowered to know that your success is in your own hands.”

How resourceful are you?

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The difference between resources and resourcefulness
  • Why having resources doesn’t guarantee success
  • How to turn your resourcefulness into resources

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