Questions We Ask Ourselves to Get the Business Results We Want


Questions can be a powerful tool for leveling up in every aspect of your life. As they say: “Ask better questions, get better answers.” We’re going to talk about one question we each use as a tool in order to better our lives and our businesses.

For me, my goal is to be as fit as I can be this summer. To make sure I hit this goal, I had to develop some tools. One of those tools was asking myself this question before every decision: “How will this make me feel in one hour?” We make so many decisions hoping for instant gratification, but thinking an hour ahead is just far enough out for you to realize whether it’s something you truly want or something you’ll regret.

Lori’s question that she asks herself is: “How can I look at this differently?” We experience discomfort on a daily basis, but we rarely think about why we’re feeling that way or what it might be telling us. Often, when we’re feeling fear, it’s actually a sign that we’re in an area with opportunity for expansion and growth. When there’s no problems and no fear, there’s no way we’re ever going to get better.

If you ask yourself these two questions purposefully and intentionally, you will make exponentially better decisions and see a wider set of opportunities. These two questions can change your life

The path from good to great
only appears at a pain point.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Asking yourself better questions
  • Manufacturing pain points
  • Thinking an hour ahead
  • Becoming addicted to convenience
  • Reframing difficult situations

Resources Mentioned:

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