492. 3 Tips to Avoid the Monotony Trap


Monotony kills, but at the same time, it is the lifeblood of your business. It can be frustrating and boring, but it is absolutely essential to your bottom line. You can’t have a long-term, successful business without some monotony, so embrace it. Just because you have to keep up the basics over and over again doesn’t mean you have to be miserable while you do it.

Think of your business like a long-term relationship. At the beginning, everything feels exciting, exhilarating, and fresh, but given enough time, you start to fall into repetitive ruts and things become monotonous. You have to put in work to keep your relationship interesting otherwise it fizzles out. It’s the same in business.

The law of diminishing returns is going to kick in at some point. No matter how enjoyable something is the first time, the more you repeat it, the more it will lose its significance. You cannot let your business fall victim to this.

If you business is becoming boring, here are three tips to reignite the thrill you once felt:

  1. Embrace what monotony does to your bottom line
  2. Spice up your daily routine
  3. Move your finish line

This is what you have to do to embrace what monotony does for you. Monotony is your friend. You worked hard to get to a point where monotony was part of your business, instead of the instability of the early days. Don’t blow it all up just because you’re bored. Embrace it and find ways to spice things up once again.

You can’t have a long-term,
thriving business
without embracing
some of the monotony.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why monotony is essential to your business
  • How to make sure you don’t go crazy
  • Viewing business like a relationship
  • How to break through the monotony

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