How to Launch a Nonprofit and Give Back to Our Homeless with LaRayia Gaston, Founder of Lunch On Me


Both prosperity and generosity must coexist. LaRayia Gaston is proof positive of that. She founded the nonprofit, Lunch On Me, to enrich the mind, body, and spirit of the homeless community and, of course, make sure they are fed. LaRayia even spent 43 days living in Skid Row voluntarily so that she could see and understand what actually happened there. What she saw shook her. This episode is going to pull on your heartstrings and inspire you to take action to grow your business so that you have even more opportunities to make a difference.


Question Highlights:

  • What inspired you to start Lunch On Me?
  • What drove you to live in Skid Row for 43 days?
  • What was the greatest lesson you learned during that experience?
  • How did you start Lunch On Me and LaRayia’s Bodega?
  • How do you walk the line between inspiring others while spreading the word and not leveraging charity for our own benefit?
  • How have microgestures shaped your life?

There’s goodness
in everything.
Find it.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How close most people are to homelessness
  • Understanding what the homeless go through
  • Giving grace to everyone
  • Making your corner of the world better
  • How to care
  • Having a sympathetic reset

Resources Mentioned: