The Art of Good Gift-Giving with John Ruhlin


John Ruhlin is known in the highest of social circles as the greatest gift-giver in the world. It’s not because of what he gives, but the thought that goes into his presents, the timing of them, and the meaning behind each one. 

He’s helped huge corporations give better gifts to their clients and employees. He has a unique approach to cultivating relationships that has led him to build a circle of influence that is second to none. It’s all because he leads with generosity, while expecting nothing in return. Whether you’re trying to give gifts to clients or loved ones, this conversation will make you a better gift-giver in all areas of life.


Question Highlights:

  • When did you realize generosity was so important?
  • How did you become the expert in corporate gift-giving?
  • What are the best gifts to give, today?
  • What is the law of reciprocity?
  • What is the greatest thing that you’ve been able to do with your success?

If you work
your gratitude muscle,
anybody can become
a good gift-giver.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why gift-giving is so important
  • How John started Giftology
  • The power of relationships
  • The best gifts to give
  • How the law of reciprocity works

Resources Mentioned: