How I Told Lori We Had to Start Over


It can be really hard to break tough news to your partner. When I lost my job in 2008, I had to come home and tell Lori not only that news, but that our finances weren’t in order and we were going to lose everything. It’s one of those moments that scars you — you never forget it.

We’re going to relive one of the hardest moments of our lives because we think there’s value to be found in that moment. It’s less about breaking the news, itself, and more about assessing where you’re at and deciding what to do with the information that you find. 

That night, I came home and told Lori that we would have to sell our brand new house, our cars, everything, and move into a small apartment. And she responded with two things: first, she said “Then that’s what we have to do.” And second, she said “This will never happen to us again.”

It was then that we decided to enter the knowledge industry. Lori started teaching online courses with the goal of finding just one hundred women to join her monthly. When that took off, she realized the one thing all these women had in common was that they needed support, so she created The Bliss Project. That led to The Bliss Habit, a way to take that same idea to the people who couldn’t make the event.

No matter where you are in your journey, it’s not too late to take control of your future.

Take ownership of the
parts of your life
you’ve been tolerating.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How to have tough conversations with your partner
  • What we did when we lost it all
  • Taking ownership of your situation

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