Most Important Steps to Take When Pivoting


Let’s talk about pivots! Career pivots, expertise pivots, you name it. The world has changed so quickly over the last year: people are pivoting left and right, whether out of necessity, or inspiration. And you have full permission to pivot. The expectation of staying in the same career or business your entire life is long gone.

While pivoting is always possible and may be the best decision for you or your business, it is not always easy. You will have to stand up and make yourself known for something new. You have to make it real and show up consistently. We’re going to give you the steps to making a successful pivot.

  1. Make an announcement of your pivot: tell people why you are making the change and take them along on the journey to making that decision.
  2. Transition your current audience: mix in some of your old content with some of the new content. You’ll start shifting more and more towards the new content until your old content gets completely phased out.
  3. Map out your path: you will need to transition not only your content but your income. Determine how much income you need to live the life that you want, and calculate when you can make the leap.


You have permission to pivot, you just have to put some planning into how you do it. And when you do, you’ll be better off than you ever thought possible.

You have
full permission
to live your life
and serve in a way
that makes you happy.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • When to make a pivot
  • Why you have permission to pivot
  • The steps to making a transition seamlessly
  • Making the leap to something new

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