How to Fix Financial Fear Immediately


Everybody, no matter what financial level they are at, faces financial fears. Whether you’re restarting from below zero or completely loaded, financial worry and uncertainty still creeps in. But let me assure you: you have more money coming your way than you think.

When you have fear around money, it’s likely because you’re looking at your money situation on a micro level — a tiny snapshot of a moment in time. We look at the money we have right now, and we panic. We then look to the future at bills and expenses coming up, and we start stressing about paying them. We worry about not paying bills tomorrow based on what we have in the bank account today.

You can do two things to fix this: Focus on how much money you have coming, and focus on how many resources you have right now. Let’s break them down.

You need to realize how much money you have coming down the pipe. Envision and account for next week’s paycheck, next month’s earnings, next year’s raise, and all of the abundance that you can create in years coming. Focus on what’s coming your way, not what’s missing.

And when you feel broke, it’s because you’re focusing on a small snapshot of what’s available to you right now. Instead, you need to look at your total assets available to you. Instead of focusing on what you have in your bank account, look at all of the resources you have available to you.

When you make decisions from a place of abundance, you attract more abundance. Remind yourself of what assets you have available to you, the money that’s within your grasp and that’s coming your way in the future. And when you know you’ve got money coming your way, it becomes easier to make that number bigger.

When you operate
from a place of confidence,
instead of fear,
you attract more abundance,
more customers,
and more wealth.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Realizing how much money you have coming your way
  • Looking at your resources in a new light
  • The four tiers that reveal how many resources you have
  • How to operate with abundance

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