Should You Buy or Rent?


Is homeownership the right move? This can be a controversial topic, but so many people have questions about it, and more importantly, so many people get it wrong.

I’m going to address this financial urban legend that’s been fed to people who, while meaning well, didn’t know any better. So many of us just follow the advice that someone gives them without stopping to run the numbers on it. It was also probably given to you by people who aren’t exactly financially savvy. We’re going to go over when buying makes sense, when renting is a better idea, and the smartest home-buying strategy I know.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Is renting throwing away your money?
  • When buying a home is the right move
  • The hidden costs of home ownership
  • The benefits of renting
  • The formula to decide if home ownership is a good value
  • The smart home-buying strategy

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