How to Build Valuable Business Relationships with Randy Garn


Randy Garn is a true serial entrepreneur: He has built and sold 3 companies, he has his hands in a variety of other companies, and he does business with the best of the best. And he’s going to share some of his best secrets on how he became so successful.

And the best part? He’s also the father of six children and has been married for over 20 years, so he’s been able to accomplish all of this while having an incredible family life. This episode will make you a better person, but more importantly, a better, more well-rounded human being.

Question Highlights:

  •  Can anyone, regardless of where they are today, really create this life of their grandest aspirations?
  •  How can you guide someone in what they are working towards?
  • How does aspiration relate to an entrepreneur’s business performance?
  • What does the future of thought leaders and influencers look like in 5 years?
  • How do you figure out what you have to offer others?
  • What role does a college education play in the entrepreneurial world today?
  • How do you balance work and family life?
  • How do you want your children to view money growing up?

Guest Bio:

Serial entrepreneur Randy Garn is a connoisseur of relationships.

Randy has been acknowledged as an Ernst Young “Entrepreneur of the Year,” Forbes’ “40 under 40,” and is a NYT Best Selling Author.

He is perhaps one of the most well-connected individuals in business today. Beyond his energy for life and connections, however, he has mastered the art of turning key relationships into revenue using a formula he calls “Velocity of Relationships” among top and emerging entrepreneurs.

With extensive knowledge and emphasis in the “experience economy,” Randy is a highly sought-after advisor and consultant who plays a key role in the growth throughout the entire customer experience. Additionally, he’s founded and co-founded numerous companies including Prosper, Hero Partners, Skipio, Kartiva, and High Performance Institute among others.

Randy also sits on the Advisory Board of numerous organizations including High Performance Institute with Brendon Burchard; SolutionStream,, and Harvey Mackay Round Table,

Randy is a sought-after keynote speaker and a top-tier business mentor. He is a husband, and father of six amazing children, alumnus of Brigham Young University, a graduate of the Owner President Management Program and holds an MBA from Harvard University.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The “velocity relationships” formula
  • The importance of relationship capital
  • Being intentional about who you are building relationships with
  • The role of college in entrepreneurship
  • The experience economy
  • How to build relationship capital
  • Playing the long game
  • What to look for in people you invest in

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