Why We Must Do Better


Today I’m calling us all out – myself included. It’s time for us all to do better. In an effort to explain why I’m making such a profound statement, I’m going to tell you about a conversation I overheard the other day on a walk.

There was a woman talking on her phone and I heard her tell the other person, “I can only afford to give you $20…I know it’s not enough, but I hope it at least helps a little.” First off, I want to commend two people for doing the right thing. One person is asking for help and another is offering help. But here’s the thing, it’s not good enough. How sad is it that one person only has an extra $20 to give a friend in need when she could be making more money.

“We simply have to do better.”

Now believe me, I’m not judging either one of these people because I’ve been the asker and the giver. We’ve all fallen on hard times. Of course, we can chalk it up to “life happened to me” when something goes awry, but I can honestly say in my moments, “I happened to me.” Do I believe bad things should happen to people – definitely not, but if this message stirs up something inside you, please hear it has a wake-up call. We have to do better.

The woman I overheard is a good person but she wasn’t making good money. She was missing the tool of money, and while it may seem like a no-brainer, we need more money to help more people. How amazing would it have been if she could have given her friend $2,000 without batting an eye? Amazing, right? What if we ALL could do that?

Personally, I know I can do better too. I would love to give away millions and millions of dollars like some of my friends currently do but I’m not there yet. But just imagine it, if we all made enough money to solve every problem out there what this world would be.

I hope this episode inspires you do keep striving to make a different and do better.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • What Chris overheard on his walk that led him to this episodes topic
  • Why we all have to do better
  • The tool that many of us are missing

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