Building a Great Business Is an Act of Love


I’ll be honest with you, some nights it would be easier to shut down at 5, crack open a beer and Netflix and chill with Lori – and put my worries away until the next day. But deep down I know that I won’t be satisfied with that when I know I’ve got big things to do and lives to change. Building a great business is truly an act of love.

We don’t want to waste the gifts we’ve been given. This doesn’t mean that everyone should be an entrepreneur – trust me when I say that we need people with other gifts that usually support people like me. But being an entrepreneur takes sacrifice, and here are four reasons why it’s also an act of love.

1. You’re building solutions people need. You’re improving peoples’ lives with your solutions. If you don’t provide these solutions that people need to protect your ego, time and energy, it’s actually an act of selfishness.

2. You’re creating jobs. All the supporters of your business? You’re creating jobs for them, showcasing their talents and giving other gifts along the way.

3. You’re creating wealth the world needs. You’re not just creating wealth for yourself, you’re creating wealth for others. Think of the trickle effect it has when you buy a house. Banks, title companies, builders, insurance etc. – the list goes on and on.

4. You’re inspiring others to do the same. When you build your business and share in your area of expertise, you’re showing others the way by example.

“You create an entrepreneur by being an entrepreneur.”

So you see, building a great business is an act of love – for yourself and others. Doing anything less with the gifts that you were given is actually an act of selfishness. Not sure about you, but I’ll choose love and inspiration over selfishness any day.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why building a great business is an act of love
  • Four ways that prove building a business is an act of love
  • Why building a business inspires and creates wealth for others

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