The Courage to be Real and Authentic with Steve Weatherford


Today’s guest, Steve Weatherford, and I have been trying to connect and get him on the show for a year now. But we both came to the same consensus that this specific timing was meant to be. With so many revelations happening recently for this former American football player, Steve feels called now more than ever to uncover all of them and share them with others in podcasts like this (and on his own new podcast show – link in Resources).

Today, Steve and I do a deep-dive into all aspects of his life, past and present, focusing not just on what he’s done or doing now, but most importantly about what he’s passionate about and what lights him up. Steve gives permission to all men out there who feel they need to portray an “alpha” man to share their vulnerability instead. We don’t have to focus on our inadequacies – we get to focus on the wins, too.

This is such a life-changing (possibly life-saving for some) episode for so many reasons and I’m so excited for you all to listen in. Be sure to let both Steve and I know what your takeaways are!

Question Highlights:
• What do you really want to be known for?
• Do you feel like there’s a value in sharing your journey as you’re becoming this entrepreneur and kind of leaving it the past you’re known for behind?
• Why now? What made you go down the toughest path I’m guessing you’ve gone down yet?
• How did you make the shift?
• Can you participate in philanthropy now from a place of the right intention – and for you?
• Is it better to give in the dark, give out loud or something in between?

Steve’s Thoughts…

“I don’t want my life to be about things that I’ve done, I want it to be about the things that I am.”

“I am more than what I do.”

“If how you feel about you is predicated of others’ opinions of you, you’re not powerful – you’re powerless.”

“I’m leading a crusade for alpha men to show vulnerability in order to gain strength and mastery of themselves.”

“My greatest achievement is being myself.”

“If I serve people, I need to know what the pulse of my community is.”

“You can never fail at being yourself.”

Steve Weatherford is a former American football punter for the New York Giants. He also played for the New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Jets. Steve is a dedicated husband, doting father, an all-around family man, avid health and fitness role model, a nationally recognized philanthropist, and a Super Bowl winning Punter. Most recently, Steve released his own podcast, The Steve Weatherford Show.
He has been recognized nationwide for his charitable endeavors including being the recipient of the coveted Wellington Mara Award for outstanding community service. He is a spokesperson for several other non-profits through his various initiatives, he has served as a role model to over 100,000 youths with his primary outreach focused on children, health and fitness, and family.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Being authentic
  • Where Steve’s at in the middle of his transcending journey
  • The importance of sharing vulnerability
  • Performance anxiety in the NFL
  • Why men don’t have to suffer alone
  • Why you don’t have to cover up anxiety or pain achievements
  • Why the “doing” isn’t enough
  • The two different ways to take action
  • Why Steve wants to inspire people
  • Steve’s new podcast, The Steve Weatherford Show
  • Celebrating the moments when you show up as yourself
  • The power of imperfection
  • What Steve did to capture his father’s attention
  • Why Steve doesn’t look for praise anymore
  • Steve’s take on giving
  • And so much more…

Resources Mentioned:

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