EHow Do Couples Make Financial Decisions Together


One of the most popular questions I get is how Lori and I as a couple make financial decisions. It’s not surprising when you see everywhere just how stressful finances can be. So today, I’m sharing a few game-changing ground rules that will help you feel better about your and your partner’s relationship with money.

1. Set your ego aside. Regardless if you’re the sole breadwinner or you both work, no ONE person is at fault. You should both have a strong interest in your financial goals. (If you don’t, this is your wake-up call to start!) This is a team effort and no one is meant to carry the burden alone. Ensure there are no secrets, share your fears and keep those old financial stories out of it.

“Living in the now is the only way to have certainty of your financial future.”

2. Learn your partner’s communication style. This is imperative. Keep in mind that your partner will not hear you if your message is being given in a way they cannot receive. Trust me. When Lori and I first began working together, this took us 6 months to figure out.

3. Have a budget and set goals. Make it fun and dream together. If you’ve never had a budget, I recommend checking out Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.

“Your budget is your financial roadmap to your goals.”

4. Schedule regular celebrations. Yes! Make “money dates” something to look forward to. Once a month shoot to go out and celebrate in your favorite way and take this time to acknowledge what went well, what mistakes were made and what you need to work on. Truly aim to air out any issues at this time unless it is more urgent.

“What doesn’t get celebrated won’t be repeated.”

In closing and in order for these steps to work, you must practice integrity when it comes to achieving your goals. Make sure you’re adhering to the above and your feelings around finances – especially as a couple – will lead to more harmony and abundance in all aspects of life.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Four tips that will change the financial game for you as a couple
  • Why no one is at fault
  • Learning different communication styles
  • Why you need to schedule in regular celebrations

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