Why Isn’t This “Good Enough?”


Has anyone ever asked you, “Why isn’t this good enough? You’ve already done x-y-z, so what do you want to do more?” Most often the people who ask have good intentions, but they don’t understand that you’re called to do bigger things. And this can be painful for others or make them feel threatened for a couple different reasons.

First, they may just feel threatened and afraid that you’ll move on and leave them behind. And secondly, it forces them to look in the mirror and where they’re at and they’re not liking what reflects back. But what they don’t realize is that almost none of us have done what we’re called to do – at least all aspects of it. We’re not built to remain the same (just look at nature!) and that means that we have to keep striving for more.

“Life isn’t meant to be good enough; it’s meant to keep growing.”

So if anyone questions you, don’t feel offended. They’re just not tapped inpost.phpto their higher calling yet, and you’re entitled to pursue anything you want. This isn’t good enough because you’re called to find out types of criminal law and change more lives by following that calling and living a better life each and every day.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why you should be unapologetic for what you have
  • Why what you have may not be good enough
  • Why your quest for more threatens others

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