Be Grateful For Your Seeds


I just returned from the last leg of my two-month vacation and I feel recharged and freaking ready to go! So today I want to remind you to be grateful for your seed. What the heck do I mean?

You see, we all have special little seeds inside of us and that, in turn, becomes your business and eventually your wealth. Those little seeds could be a variety of things, such as a special talent or skill, an idea or some sort of innovation that no one has. Regardless of what it is, we all have them, but the problem is that we’re not grateful for them. We’re not grateful because that seed hasn’t turned into a full-blown crop/harvest yet and we’re comparing our seed to another’s crop (that yes, was once a seed).

Here’s where people need to step back and realize that only time and consistent effort will turn that seed into a crop. Don’t compare your journey to someone who’s already put that time/effort in or is in a completely different area of expertise.

“Your seed is unique to you and that’s why it’s valuable.”

Stop being pissed at the rainy days when things are seemingly putting your seed at a standstill and understand that we need those days to help us grow – literally!

When it comes to comparing – just stop!

“Look at each other’s seeds with admiration, not envy.”

It’s not a competition. Instead, figure out a way that you can help those who are already excelling (or maybe someone who’s not). I assure you that when you collaborate and help others, your business will grow faster and bigger as a result. Know that if you’re putting in the effort and taking care of your seed that it will eventually grow into a bountiful harvest – it just needs a little (sometimes a lot) TLC from you.

“Be grateful for what your seed is about to be, but also what it is today.”

Your seeds are unique to YOU so don’t deprive the world of its greatness. My goal is for us all to be happier, healthier and wealthier farmers reaping a huge harvest! Who’s with me?

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Why time and consistent effort are essential when it comes to turning your seed into a crop
  • Why we shouldn’t compare our seed to another’s
  • The importance of collaboration

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