Are You Being Abundant OR Financially Irresponsible?


Today we’re talking about the huge difference between being abundant and financially irresponsible. You see so many people want to be abundant but they’re using abundance and increasing their financial thermostat as an excuse.

“Abundance without responsibility is stupidity.”

Sounds harsh, but here’s what I mean. If you’re living outside of your means, perhaps buying high-price items (homes, cars etc.) when you don’t have the secured money to do it, you’re not actually living in abundance. On the contrary, you’re likely attracting more lack, and you feel fraudulent and broke because you’re not ready to spend like that. And let’s be honest, when you’re broke it’s hard to feel abundant.

I can talk about this firsthand because Lori and I were once living this way. We had the house and the cars, but the recession it and we felt the complete opposite of abundant. It’s my hope that by sharing this that you’ll remember this lesson and avoid going through something similar.

So how do you know when to feel abundant and buy nice things, or when to hold back? It sounds too easy, but your soul knows. Your gut knows. Tune in and listen to what it feels like when you’re going to make a purchase.

To help keep it on your radar, I’ve come up with seven simple rules/steps that will help clue you if you’re ready to start spending more.

1. Set aside an emergency fund that covers one month of expenses.
2. Work to stop buying anything with unsecured debt (credit cards) that you’re not going to pay off right away.
3. If you have unsecured debt, start paying it off as quickly as you can. This is also the point where I believe you should start working in an occasional splurge (I don’t like the all or nothing approach).
4. Focus on your savings by working up to 6 months’ worth of expenses
5. Once you’ve reached a savings of 1 years’ worth of expenses – start funding your retirement.
6. The 1-Year Rule. At this point, once you can buy and want a bigger-ticket item, wait ONE year, then buy it.
7. Want to speed up the above process? Invent more income!

Once you start doing the above, I know you will attract true abundance and in turn do great things for yourself – and others!

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The difference between being abundant or financially irresponsible
  • Being aware of your financial patterns
  • 7 rules that help you know when you can start treating yourself

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