Social Media Secrets with Jasmine Star Jasmine Star


It is such a privilege to have the incredibly talented, Jasmine Star, on the show today! Not only a world-famous photographer, she’s also someone many entrepreneurs (including myself) look to for social media wisdom and advice. It’s amazing to think that years ago, she was actually in law school, but made the decision to leave and become a photographer.

With this abrupt about-face, Jasmine knew she needed to create a successful business using the minimal resources she had available – and she did! Jasmine shares the highs and lows of this journey and why she believes so strongly in the power of human connectivity and helping others.

From personal and business struggles to hacks and insider tips on social media, you’re not going to want to miss our chat. It may just help you take your social media and business game to the next level!

Question Highlights:
• What’s your favorite quote?
• What’s one of your superpowers?
• What is the last thing that kept you up at night?
• What’s one of your favorite messages you’ve given?
• What’s one of your favorite accomplishments?
• Can you tell us a little bit about your back story?
• What is one strength or asset that your struggle with obesity gave you?
• What is one standard in your life that you have now because of the way you grew up?
• How did you transition from law school to world-famous photographer?
• How did you power through social media troll comments?
• Can you give us some low-hanging fruit we need to watch for when it comes to building social media for business?
• What’s a good gritty insider social media secret/hack?
• Is one social media platform better than the other?
• What’s your take on IG-TV?
• What is Social Curator?
• Do you have a success story you can share?

Jasmine’s Thoughts…

“Life is so short – I’m going to live without regrets.”

“Create, create, create and you will always have a market.”

“Jump and amend mid-air!”

Jasmine Star is a photographer and business strategist from Newport Beach, California. She dropped out of law school to pursue her dreams of being a photographer. In a little less than three years, she built an internationally recognized and award-winning business (Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World, Top 10 Most Influential Photographers, Top10 Most Socially Influential Photographers…and more!). In addition to growing her business, Jasmine began consulting with photographers how they could use social media to build a brand and grow their businesses. She’s amassed over 600,000 followers on all of her social platforms and believes others can do the same to grow to pursue their passion…and build a life they love.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How obesity helped frame how Jasmine sees and interacts with the world and makes decisions
  • Jasmine’s transition from law school to world-famous photographer
  • Jasmine’s thoughts on immigration
  • Understanding patterns and applying them to whatever the business is
  • Leveraging free resources
  • How Jasmine’s business exploded early on
  • Dealing with naysayers and trolls and why Jasmine thanks them
  • Tips to building social media for business
  • Why consistency is key with social media
  • IG TV
  • Jasmine’s monthly social media membership, Social Curator
  • And so much more…

Resources Mentioned:

  • Instagram: @jasminestar
  • Facebook:
  • Jasmine’s monthly social media membership

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