My Quarter-Million-Dollar AMEX Bill…WTF??


Picture it… You receive your monthly credit card statement, open it and find that the balance due is a quarter million dollars! You’d be blown away, right? Well, let me tell you… I sure was.

At first, I felt instant feelings of anger, panic…and scarcity. Yes, I still have flashes of that money mindset belief, but this one knocked the wind out of me. I wasn’t expecting that balance – honestly, it wasn’t even on my radar. My range of emotions went from holy crap – $250K could buy me a nice home in my hometown of Green Bay, WI to how the hell did we spend that much money in 30 days? Were we spending irresponsibly? Will this be the new norm?

Then, I slowed that train down and realized we had a lot of expenses last month. I hosted my mastermind group and we go ALL out. We spent two weeks away on Lori’s book tour with our team. Add to that, social media ads for the book, a charity donation, international travel and more…well, I’d say we got an awful lot for that quarter million.

So I reversed that scarcity mindset and instead used it as a moment to practice abundance and celebrate it. It was up to me to take this opportunity and zero in on how fortunate we are to have the money to pay this bill and to see just how far we’ve come over the years. Not to mention how many AMEX points we’re getting out of this bill, too! ;-)

It was time to practice what I teach and turn this into a celebratory moment. While I had 30 days to pay my bill, I made the decision to pay it right then and there – because I could. I put on some happy music, poured myself a glass of scotch whiskey and paid it in full. Why put off paying it when it will only put out signals of lack and fear to the universe?

While some may be critical of my transparency, I didn’t share this story to be criticized. I shared it to demonstrate that we all still struggle with our money mindset beliefs. Will these beliefs ever go away? No, but you’ll learn to handle them more quickly and with more ease because you have the tools to walk you through them.

I hope this episode inspires YOU to celebrate each and every one of your wins – big and small.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The feelings that washed over Chris when he received his AMEX bill
  • Practicing abundance and celebrating
  • Why our money mindset moments never really go away

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